Kurt Cobain’s never-before-seen notebooks and paintings to be exhibited in Seattle

If pictures could say 1000 words, I wonder what Kurt Cobain’s paintings would say. With the help of The Seattle Art fair, we’re be one step closer to finding out. 

kurt cobain's paintings artwork

Kurt Cobain’s personal notes and artwork have remained under lock and key since 1994, undisturbed by anyone outside of his inner circle.

A collection of never-before-seen paintings created by the iconic Nirvana singer will be featured at The Seattle Art Fair this week. The exclusive exhibition will show Cobain’s work along with the work of his influences, contemporaries and artists of a similar taste such as Mike Kelley, Nate Lowman, Joe Bradley, Elizabeth Peyton, and more.

Throughout his life, Cobain owned a series of notebooks in which will also be displayed at the gallery. Since Cobain’s death in 1994, the artefacts have remained in storage, but are now finally coming to light in to commemorate the birthplace of Nirvana.  

United Talent Agency recently gained representation of Cobain’s estate, with plans to create a touring exhibition that tells the story of Cobain through his art, personal belongings and memorabilia. 

Many paintings, drawings and sculptures remain within Cobain’s estate, with all works reportedly not for sale due to their sentimental value to Cobain’s family.

Below is some of the paintings, sketches and comics by Cobain that are set to feature in the The Seattle Art Fair.

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