Kylie Minogue reads Nick Cave's rejection letter to the MTV Awards

Kylie Minogue reads Nick Cave’s brilliant rejection letter to the MTV Awards from 1996

Kylie Minogue reading Nick Cave’s rejection letter of the MTV Awards is pure gold. Cave once again expresses his spite with world-class elegance and ease.

In 1996, Nick Cave wrote an infamous letter to the MTV Video Music Awards requesting that his video be withdrawn from the proceedings when, to his dismay, he was nominated for Best Male Artist for his duet with Kylie Minogue, the classic Where The Wild Roses Grow.

The track garnered Cave’s 1996 record Murder Ballads such attention that he started to slip into mainstream popularity like he’d never experienced before. And this, of course, dismayed him, prompting a letter to MTV when he was nominated at the awards, stating with pure Cave elegance, “My muse is not a horse, and I am in no horse race.”

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue
Image: ABC

A later culmination of Nick Cave’s need to express his most poignant desires is the brilliant Red Hand Files. If you like what you see here head over to Cave’s site where he ruminates on fan questions regarding politics, modern music, songwriting, and death.

Kylie Minogue read the letter as a part of a video series called Letters Live, a spinoff of literary correspondence website Letters of Note.

Watch it below: