Lambie banned from Qantas for calling CEO a “poof” and asserting “pussy power”

Tasmanian Senator, Jacqui Lambie, has been banned for six months from Qantas after she yelled at staff and attacked CEO, Alan Joyce.

The day started off just like any other at Melbourne Airport, March 25.

Senator Lambie attempted to enter the exclusive Chairman’s Lounge. When she was not granted access, and her efforts were rejected, she became livid, firing derogatory and homophobic slurs at staff and the airlines CEO, Alan Joyce.

qantas chairmans lounge exclusive jackie lambie
Image: Finty

Captured on CCTV footage, Lambie can be seen and heard, slamming Joyce, referring to him as a “poof”.

She continues, asserting her dominance to the check-in team via the phrase “pussy power”. In a surprising turn of events, the only thing granted to Lambie was a six-month ban from travelling with the airline.

jacqui lambie quantas poof ceo pussy power
Image: Conversation

In a recent interview with Today, Lambie was questioned about her punishment, to which she responded:

I deserve every bit of that ban and I am profusely apologetic to those staff members that were involved“.

She blamed her outburst on some stressful and enduring weeks in Parliament, causing her to erupt at the Qantas team.

Her apology can be seen after 6:20 in the below video:

A letter of apology and other efforts to repair relations with the airline have been unsuccessful. These attempts of reparation are yet to yield any response from Qantas and Alan Joyce.

This incident is not her first and will certainly not be her last controversial confrontation. Lambie is known for making crude, and at times insensitive, comments to others.

Although, her retweet of this Star Wars themed, Clive Palmer artwork is pretty amazing:

In 2019, she appeared on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, where she condemned the passing of trans-inclusive laws by the Tasmanian Lower House: “…we’re into transgender and making sure we can change their fucking birth certificates. Stupid Tasmania…“.

In the meantime, Lambie must ride out her punishment before she can hop on another Qantas flight.

We’re hoping she finds that ‘ideal man‘ of hers to pass the time: “well off” and “well hung“.