Lana Del Rey quickly posts tribute to Biden after fans accuse her of voting for Trump

Lana Del Rey covers a catholic hymn in celebration of Biden’s victory, however, fans still believe that the singer secretly voted red.

There are some things that are quintessentially American. Lady Liberty, the Star-Spangled Banner, and Young and Beautiful singer Lana Del Rey. Del Rey draws on aesthetics from the land of liberty in the ’50s and ’60s, which can often mean a sort of flashback back to old-school, conservatism.

Over the weekend, Del Rey celebrated the success of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, but fans are still not convinced of the singer’s left-leaning support.

When Joe Biden presented his victory speech on Sunday, he used the time to emphasise how his leadership would be in efforts to “heal” and “unify” a heavily fragmented United States. He even played the Catholic hymn On Eagles’ Wings, stating that “it captures the faith that sustains me and which I believe sustains America.”

While working on her upcoming digital album of American standards and classics, set for release ahead of Christmas, Del Rey posted her own rendition of the hymn in celebration of the historic win.

As promised, we are getting a headstart on that album of standard folk songs and all things Americana,” the singer captioned the post. “But we took a break to watch the Biden speech and he mentioned at the end of it (the) hymn that he hoped gave Americans hope so I thought I would just give a little version of that as we took a break in the studio.”

However, Del Rey’s fans were divided. In the lead up to Biden’s win, scepticism began to circulate online about which party the singer would vote for. Many believe that her old-school Americana image would be the greatest influence on her ballot paper.

That last tweet is in reference to a controversial Instagram post made by the singer back in May, in which she defended herself against criticism by singling out women of colour. Del Rey has also attracted her fair share of controversy throughout this year; including her romantic involvement with a cop and the mesh face mask that she wore to a fan meet and greet. Despite this, the singer still assures fans that she is a Democratic supporter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Twitter user @holyh00ker said that they “just KNOW Elizabeth voted for Trump”, seemingly referring to Lana Del Rey’s real name: Elizabeth Grant.

Del Rey somehow caught wind of the Tweet, delivering the very succinct response: “Go. Fuxk. Yourself.”

I think this pretty much clears it up, but then again, it is the internet so you never know what whacky conspiracy will emerge next.

Del Rey recently shared her new single Let Me Love You Like A Woman, the first track to arrive from her upcoming album Chemtrails Over The Country Club.

You can find the song here and the cover of On Eagles’ Wings below.