Lana Del Rey announces $1 book, "because my thoughts are priceless"

Lana Del Rey announces $1 poetry book, “because my thoughts are priceless”

Lana Del Rey has announced on Instagram she will be putting out a poetry book said to be titled Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass  following various posts of poetic content.

After a fan commented asking how much the book would cost she replied, “$1… because my thoughts are priceless”.

Lana Del Rey is releasing a poetry book titled Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass for the hefty price of $1. She says “because my thoughts are priceless”.

The book will be self-published by Del Rey, who made a call out to fans saying:

“any mom-and-pop SoCal/San Fran book stores that are interested in having it just let me know and I’ll drive you out a couple of boxes when I’m done binding it in a few months.”

An extract from one of her poems titled happy reads:

“They write that i’m rich and i am but not how they think/i have a safe i call the boyfriend box/and in it every saved receipt/every movie theater ticket to remind me/of all the things i’ve loved and lost and loved again/ unconditionally”

If the lyricism in her songs is anything to go by, I definitely want my hands on a copy.