LANDR Sessions: remote collaboration without compromising on quality

LANDR Sessions is totally changing the way we remotely make music. Is this the future of musical collaboration?

COVID-19 launched us into the world of Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts — it’s no different for musicians. Video chat collaboration, however, can mean glitches, bad connections and lacklustre audio quality, which can seriously impact the creation of music.

To remedy this, mastering service LANDR has created a new video chat and high-quality audio streaming solution for musicians. LANDR Sessions is the only video chat made for music producers, promising to make remote collaboration almost as easy as in-person studio sessions. LANDR Sessions promotes its ability to connect you immediately with other musicians.

LANDR Sessions

So how does it work?

LANDR Sessions uses one plugin slot. Once it is added to your master bus you are ready to host a Session. When in a Session you are able to stream high-quality audio directly from your DAW to your collaborator’s ears.

In Sessions, you can share your screen, let users hear audio exactly as you are hearing it and make changes in real-time. A definite benefit of Sessions is that you will be able to receive accurate feedback on your music, rather than risking muddied audio quality on different video chatting services.

Commonplace video chat services like Zoom or Teams use audio processing which filters out background noise, rolls off bass frequencies and provides echo cancellation. This significantly impacts the ability to listen to music in a way that it was intended to be heard. With LANDR Sessions there is no need to compromise on audio quality.

But collaboration isn’t the only benefit from LANDR Sessions. The system could also be used for group songwriting or online music lessons. With our current climate, it’s not impossible to believe that remote collaboration may be the way of the future — meaning that once intensely team-work based processes will need to be reimagined. Sessions has the capacity to improve accessibility in the music world. It is quickly establishing itself as a reliable tool for musicians in remote areas.

Notwithstanding its limitations (you cannot record musicians remotely or have them engage inside your DAW), Sessions is proving itself to be beneficial for instantaneous collaboration and feedback.

For more details, head over to LANDR.