VOX VH-Q1: noise cancelling headphones with musician-friendly features

VOX has launched the VH-Q1 noise cancelling headphones.  They’re aimed at vocalists and guitarists, with smart features for practise and recording.

Best known for its historically significant instruments and amplification, VOX has moved into the noise cancelling headphone market with the VH-Q1, aiming this product at the guitarist or bassist who wishes to practise alone, or take their headphones to the studio.

Before you yawn at another set of noise cancelling headphones being released consider that the VOX VH-Q1 headphones are unique in their dual microphones and smart controls.

VOX VHQ1 Headphones

The microphones in the VH-Q1 are on both the inside and outside of the headphone. They accurately suppress a wide range of frequencies, which can focus on your voice or your guitar allowing you to practise along with classics or learn songs for your band.

The input source can be adjusted by both its level and equalizer with the smart controls, which is super useful to be able to bypass an audio device, streamlining your setup by one extra step.

As well as a multi-function switch (play/pause/rewind/fast forward/skip), and deactivation of one or both ears, these headphones are on the higher end of battery life in the noise cancelling world at a great length of 36 hours.

The audio geeks can marvel at the 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz frequency response whilst the fashionistas can choose Black with gold trim or White with Pink gold trim. Both headphones have the iconic VOX diamond pattern inside.

Head over to VOX to read and learn more.