Demo with a difference: the VOX V845 wah on guitar, synth, and more
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Engineering the Sound: the VOX V845 wah on guitar, synth, and more

The wah is perhaps the most recognisable of effects: the VOX V845 makes it accessible to a new audience. We tested it out as part of our Engineering the Sound series.

Though the field of wah pedals is a deep and varied one, VOX is the original — and to many — still the best. VOX has been plying its trade in this psychedelic sound since the ’60s and has made this iconic tone more accessible than ever with the V845.

This wah is a simple pedal to operate — refreshingly so in an age where effects parameters can be tweaked into oblivion. Sure, it goes well with a guitar, but in keeping with the Engineering the Sound philosophy, we thought it was best to think outside the square.

Many of today’s models incorporate the DNA of VOX’s original (funnily enough, it was the signature model of a trumpeter, Clyde McCoy, rather than a guitarist). Throughout the history of VOX wahs, they’ve been immortalised by players like Jimi Hendrix and many more since across myriad genres.

VOX V845

To bring this variety of styles into one, easy-to-use and very affordable model ($99 AUD), VOX introduced the V845. A characterful, throaty tone is dished up from its circuitry, and in our demo, we prove that the V845 is no one-trick pony.

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