LAUREL wastes no time, announcing new EP ‘Limbo Cherry’ and sharing a brand new single

Rising indie pop star LAUREL has backed up last month’s You’re the One with a slower number, Let Go. She’s also announced a brand new EP called Limbo Cherry, coming June 18th.

LAUREL has been on one hell of a hot streak since, well, pretty much the beginning of her career. Her breakout 2018 album DOGVIOLET scored her fans all over the world – including plenty in Australia – and in late 2020, she followed up the critically-acclaimed debut with another killer EP, PETROL BLOOM. 

Wasting no time, LAUREL has just announced another EP coming out in June. Limbo Cherry will contain last month’s single You’re the One, a brand new ditty called Let Go, and a string of other tracks she recorded remotely over 2020. Chrome Sparks returns as the EP’s producer, who also worked across PETROL BLOOM.

It’s hardly the 2021 standard to release two EPs in six months, but the haste of Limbo Cherry is the product of a common feeling shared amongst musicians; that once your album or EP or single is finally out, it can be years old, and it may no longer represent where you’re at. Artistically, personally, or emotionally.

LAUREL spoke to this sensation in the press release announcing her upcoming EP:

“I wanted to release music as I felt it rather than always waiting, by the time I was releasing the music I felt I had moved on to different tastes, themes and emotions.”

“In today’s world where everything is consumed so quickly, it felt the right way for me to be sharing my art.”

Laurel limbo Cherry EP
Image: ‘Limbo Cherry’ EP Cover

The announcement of Limbo Cherry comes with a brand new single from LAUREL, titled Let Go. It’s slower and less punchy than her more recent releases, the artist stating it “feels like a return to my roots in lyrical content and sound, bridging the space between my very first demos and my newer more electronic tracks.”

The production elements take a necessary step back in Let Go, laying underneath a hi-pass filter or some lo-fi sheen, making room for LAUREL’s vocals to take centre stage.

With barely months between each new song we hear from this artist, it’s a fine time to be a LAUREL fan. Where PETROL BLOOM solidified her launch into a bold, brash, new sound, Limbo Cherry appears ready to twist this proven formula in yet another new direction.


Limbo Cherry is out June 18 via Communion Records / Virgin Music Australia. Pre-order or pre-save the EP here.