Lauren Gin talks ‘Adrenaline’, skydiving and the “sudden urge to party”

“The EP powerfully epitomises my entire life,” producer Lauren Gins says of her new project, Adrenaline. 

By now we hope you’re up to speed with Adrenaline, the propulsive EP from New Zealand producer Lauren Gin.

Across its five tracks, Adrenaline fittingly serves as a welcome dose of dopamine, injecting listeners with its genre-spanning blend of electro-pop and heavy EDM. 

Lauren Gin interview

Fresh off the release of Adrenaline, we caught up with Lauren Gin for a deep dive in the project’s creation, her process of collaboration, and that one time she swam with sharks.

Catch our full interview with Lauren below, and scroll down to listen to her new EP Adrenaline.   

HAPPY: What are you up to today? 

LAUREN: It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday in Sydney! I went for a sunrise surf in Bondi (where I’m living at the moment), went to my local cafe and wrote some poetry and then now getting ready for board games night with my friends.

HAPPY: Tell us about where you are from?

LAUREN: I’m born and raised in Auckland (Tāmaki Makaurau) Aotearoa, New Zealand. I have spent most of my life there (my childhood, high school and work!).

My whole family are from Auckland, we’re third generation kiwi Chinese so have been around a while.

Lauren Gin interview

HAPPY: What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods? 

LAUREN: Currently I’m in Sydney, I moved here at the start of the year and base myself between Sydney and Auckland. The music scene is incredibly vibrant and eclectic here!

There’s so many awesome gigs happening almost every night of the week and I’ve stumbled across new genres I had never heard of before. It’s been rather eye-opening and I’m loving all the sub categories of electronic I keep discovering.


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HAPPY: Describe an average day?

LAUREN: Briefly snoozing my 5.30 alarm, wetsuit on, then I’m in the ocean surfing at Bondi beach watching the sunrise from the waves.

After surfing I’ll commute to the city (sometimes my hair is still wet, woops!) where I’m working my day job out of a beautiful office!

Once I’m home after work, I’ll chill with my flatmates or go for a run and then I’ll usually open up Ableton and work on new music. After some producing, it’s usually watching Netflix or reading before bedtime. Then wake up and rinse and repeat!


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HAPPY: Can you tell us more about your creative process when producing the EP Adrenaline? How did you approach blending heavy trap and future bass with pop elements?

LAUREN: I’m obsessed with heavy elements and after finishing the first draft of a song, I was curious to see how I could play around with the tracks to make them even more catchy and captivating.

I would add in happy-sounding melodies and uplifting sounds to create a cheerful ambience which was nicely woven in with the thick bass.

Also, collaborating with some incredible Kiwi vocalists (JANAYAH and Reshma) really added this electro-pop layer, whilst still maintaining the overall bass-heavy vibe that was originally established.

Their vocals would build and culminate right before the drop of the song, creating this intense moment of anticipation and force.

HAPPY: The title track Adrenaline sets the tone for the EP. What inspired the lyrics and musical elements of this song? 

LAUREN: This song and the rest of the EP powerfully epitomises my entire life. I’m an adrenaline junkie and my day-to-day is fuelled by thrills and intensity!

I’m addicted to that rush I feel when I’m riding a wave, or jumping out of a plane, or diving with sharks. I wanted to express all of the above in my music.

The title track Adrenaline embodies how I feel, the lyrics, “it’s rushing through my veins now, I feel the adrenaline” beautifully summarises when I’m on an adrenaline high and ultimately at my happiest.

The bass driven drop has this fluttery movement with a euphoric bounce. It exudes vibrance and radiance whilst also creating lots of hype.


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HAPPY: Are there any specific messages or feelings you wanted to convey through the songs on Adrenaline?

LAUREN: I strongly believe that every listener should interpret music in their own unique way. For example, you and I will listen to the same song but come away feeling different emotions.

With Adrenaline, I want people to feel different things on each track. It could be a wave of elation, a sudden urge to party, or just overall being in an energised mood.

It would make me very happy knowing that my listeners came away feeling invigorated and enlivened. Perhaps it gives them that fire or energy to do something exciting that day!


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HAPPY: Lastly, what makes you happy? 

LAUREN: So many things in life! But what came to mind just now was having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Whether it’s my family and friends or a complete stranger, I am so much happier knowing someone is better off than before. Also, my dog back home – she’s the love of my life!