Lazy Colts talk us through the recording of their debut LP Trojan, how they got to be so cinematic and where the group is headed

Last month Lazy Colts released their debut LP Trojan to rave reviews, and ecstatic fans. With their solitary blend of rock n roll, folk and country that seeps into an infinite wildfire of cinematic, and sonic textures, moods and layers, the guys have secured themselves as one of Sydney’s must see bands.

Lazy Colts

We chatted to Lazy Colts front-man and musical mastermind Lacey Cole about recording, writing and playing Trojan, where the band’s headed and just how they got to be so cinematic.

HAPPY: You just released your debut LP Trojan, tell me a little about the recording and writing process, how long it took, who you recorded with, and the inspirations behind the record? Which records were you listening to at the time of recording?

LACEY: It took us about 2 years to record and being the debut album it meant the actual songs were written anywhere between a couple of weeks to 7 years before they were recorded. We had only been playing together a year or so when we started recording so they really came together in that time.

The record that was the biggest source of inspiration for us would be Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams which was released just before we started recording. Because of that album we got the engineer who worked on it Mark Lawson to mix our record.

HAPPY: What’s your favourite track off the LP and why? What and or who inspired it?

LACEY: My personal favourite is Like Never Before. I’m not sure why exactly. Every time I sing it I feel it relates to something different. It feels right to me. It deals with nostalgia and remembering things not as they were but as you wished they were. The recording of it has a great string and synth part and the whole thing is very understated.

HAPPY: You guys have created a record that really digs deep through a variety of sounds, textures, and emotions. Where did the idea stem from to bring in such cinematic elements to the music you create?

LACEY: I don’t think it was ever a conscious decision. The lyrics reach for that grand americana/biblical/epic imagery that is associated with cinema so that could have triggered it. But the band really fleshes it out sonically.

They’re all great musicians who pay a lot of attention to tone and texture rather so our focus is always on mood. We try and create textures that fit the lyrical theme and reflect the strengths of the band.

HAPPY: You guys have captured your powerful live energies on this record. How did you manage to do so? And what’s your favourite part of playing to a live crowd?

LACEY: Because we recorded it all ourselves we didn’t have the option of doing it live. It’s a great compliment for you to say it sounds that way though. Craig our drummer laid down such vibey drum takes for us to play to that it made our work a lot easier.

Then I think it’s about finding as complete and uninterrupted takes as possible and not being too precious about perfection. We let some mistakes creep through to try and keep it from becoming too sterile. Mark’s mix definitely embraced the imperfections in the performances and recordings which gives the whole thing its character.

We all love playing live. Sharing a room and an energy with other people is really exciting and is always full of surprises. Every night is different. From the moment you step on stage you are on a journey to try and reach a new audience and share an experience with them. It’s a great challenge.

HAPPY: What’s the goal from here? What do you hope for the band to achieve now that you’ve released your first record and have well and truly started on your journey?

LACEY: Our goal as a band and with this record has always been to find the people who might want to listen to us. For all of us we play music first and foremost because we love doing it so we sidestep placing the pressure on it to put food on the table.

The more people we can share it with the better. From here I guess we will just keep on looking for opportunities to keep playing. Now that these songs are recorded and released it also gives us the opportunity to start writing new stuff together.