Le Pie unravels heartbreak within a ‘50s dream on 'Eye Of The Storm'

Le Pie unravels heartbreak within a ‘50s dream on ‘Eye Of The Storm’

We’ve been fans of Le Pie for a very long time now. Beloved for her ability to unravel deep, complex emotions within the soft walls of pop, the singer/songwriter has once again unleashed a glistening masterpiece in her latest single.

Eye Of The Storm longs for something simple, smooth, and seeks refuge amidst the chaos of heartbreak. It comes as no surprise that the single’s newly released music video elevates the singer’s already stellar song into another dimension. Dreamy ‘50s visuals and silky melodies armour themselves against the song’s unshakable vulnerability, crafting a single that’s impossible to ignore. 

Photo: Keziah Sugarat

Le Pie has struck gold once again on her gorgeous new single and music video. Eye Of The Storm wraps the complexities of love, heartbreak, and insecurity around soothing visuals and melodies.

Since her 2015 debut, Le Pie has been expanding the reaches of pop as far as it can possibly muster. While her music sparkles through melody and cadence, there is always an underlying edge that is impossible to ignore. 

Eye Of The Storm is a shining example of this conflict. Swaying between brooding dream-pop, guitar-driven melodies, and emotive reflections, the track is a crystalised reflection of the singer’s personal journey. The song’s music video explores this tension perfectly.

“This song is special to me because it’s about someone I really cared for,” Le Pie explains about the single. “It’s also the first time I have openly identified as a queer woman in my song writing. The romantic relationship was quite sudden and became very intense, very quickly. Looking back, it was more than I could emotionally handle so soon out of my marriage.”  

With a blend of neon-nocturnal and pastel shots, Le Pie guides us into a simpler time, the complete opposite of what her lyrics reveal. Eye Of The Storm is suspended in disruption. Lyrically and sonically, the single craves nostalgic comfort, looking into the past to cope with the anxieties of the present.

“I always want people to be simple for me,” Le Pie sings in the song’s chorus, speaking to a place that most of us feel yet rarely discuss.

Check out the video below: