Lea Cota employs a melancholic sincerity on par with a Taylor Swift ballad

Step into the raw and vulnerable world of Lea Cota’s haunting release, ‘Jaime,’ where she fearlessly explores the depths of rejection and the bittersweet realization that maybe, just maybe, not being what he wants is actually for the best.

From the first whisper of ‘Jaime’, indie singer-songwriter  Lea Cota opens the emotional floodgates with a release that will say everything you’ve been too proud to say. On a bed of simple guitar strums, Cota has mastered subtly and sophistication, allowing the lyricism of ‘Jaime’ to shine as the centrepiece of the moving release. 

Anyone who has been rejected by someone they deeply cared for is well acquainted with the visceral desire to beg their way into acceptance. You can feel defined by a complete lapse of self-confidence fuelled entirely from fear and confusion. It’s within this vulnerability that we come up against this child-like version of ourselves; a version who’s emotions completely take over.

lea cota

If the rejection is powerful enough, a logical and confident person suddenly has the desperation to change their entire identity to fit within someones parameters- totally disregarding their own wants and needs- and even this isn’t enough.  ‘Jaime’ captures this, a desperate cry for acceptance, all the energy that can be mustered being poured into the simple strums of the guitar.

“I wrote this song minutes after a breakup of sorts and it took about 10 minutes. It was supposed to be a song giving the most pathetic part of this love story a voice. The part of yourself you don’t like to admit even exists; asking “why don’t love you me? What could I change so that you can?”” Usually this rhetoric, this raw and powerful emotional process, is filtered and made digestibly vague as to not incriminate an artist’s true pain. Lea Cota wears the heartbreak on her sleeve.

The instrumentation escalates, and the harmonies evoke an exhausted waterfall of tears while the sonic landscape expands and envelops you in Lea’s emotions.

Ultimately Lea doesn’t intend to leave you in this place of hopelessness, the song coming to a resting place of attempted acceptance by its end. On the subject of  ‘Jaime’s’ holistic message, Lea Cota stated “If you lose someone you love instead of losing yourself, maybe that’s for the best. No one should be allowed to take advantage of your love, so the only thing left to do is to turn it inward.”

Grab some chocolate and something to catch your tears, and dive into the emotional world of Lea Cota and her stunning release ‘Jaime’


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