Happy Mondays, Oasis, and Ride Unite as ‘Mantra of the Cosmos’, Unleashing Explosive Groove

Mantra of the Cosmos, a thrilling new British supergroup consisting of legendary musicians from Happy Mondays, Oasis, and Ride, has burst onto the scene with their debut single, ‘Gorilla Guerilla.’

Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape), Zak Starkey (The Who, Oasis), Andy Bell (Oasis, Ride), and Bez (Happy Mondays, Black Grape) have united their immense talents to create Mantra of the Cosmos an explosive psychedelic supergroupalt that defies expectations.

Described as “a fantastic psychedelic groove from a band of misfits, outsiders, and innovators” by Zak Starkey, ‘Gorilla Guerilla’ showcases the cosmic synergy of these influential artists. The vibrant and trippy music video, directed by Shaun Ryder’s son Olli Ryder, perfectly complements the mind-bending auditory experience.


Mantra of the Cosmos recently unveiled their captivating sound at a special performance in London’s iconic venue, The Box, leaving audiences spellbound. This exciting collaboration brings together four kindred spirits who share a deep love for music and an insatiable desire to create something truly unique.

Although each member brings their own musical legacy, Mantra of the Cosmos is an entirely different beast. As Andy Bell affirms, “It doesn’t sound like the Mondays or Black Grape or Oasis or The Who, it’s what we’re doing all together.” The band is currently working on an album, promising further sonic exploration and boundary-pushing artistry.

In an intriguing press release, the band is described as “a dubby, electronic, 21st-century Hawkwind of a band destined to be experienced through epic live performances.” They are set to dazzle audiences at the Glade area of Glastonbury Festival on June 25th at 8:20 pm, offering a tantalizing taste of their musical prowess on a grand stage.

Meanwhile, fans of Happy Mondays can rejoice as the band prepares to grace live events across the UK, including a highly-anticipated appearance at Sheffield’s Rock N Roll Circus 2023. This remarkable event will also feature performances by Noel Gallagher, The Cribs, and more, promising an unforgettable evening on September 1st at Don Valley Bowl.

Mantra of the Cosmos is here to redefine musical boundaries, offering a mind-expanding experience that transcends genres and expectations. With their debut single and electrifying live performances on the horizon, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene and ignite the imaginations of fans worldwide.