League of Legends creators develop a program tackling mental health

Riot Games, the creator of the world’s biggest PC game, League of Legends, has teamed up with Headspace, Le Va and the Child Abuse Prevention Service to present a new and important mental health initiative named Recall and Restore.

The program aims to promote mental health awareness while fostering healthy gaming habits within the League of Legends community. https://happymag.tv/riot-games-teams…health-awareness/

Riot Games have teamed up with Headspace to launch Recall and Restore. The program will focus on mental health and wellbeing within in the gaming community.

Gaming has become a major part of daily life for many people. Over 80% of Australians and New Zealanders play computer games. Meanwhile 97% of children engage in gaming, often as means of education and learning within the household.

National Clinical Advisor at Headspace, Simon Dodd, states that “each year one in four young people will experience a mental health issue.” As gaming has become an extremely popular mode of entertainment, it makes sense to promote mental health awareness to such a broad demographic.

“Gaming can be a positive and enjoyable pastime.” Dodd continues, “But, like everything in life, it’s important to create a healthy balance doing things such as spending time with family and friends, and getting enough sleep.”

The program will launch on Monday the 16th of March, during the League of Legends’ Oceanic Pro League, which will be live streamed. The event will run until the 21st of March and will include various features focussing on mental health. For instance, Headspace address bullying as part of the National Day of Action Against Bullying on March 20. Meanwhile, a more holistic discussion of mental health will be undertaken the following day.

Mental health has a history of being drastically misrepresented. Consequently, initiatives such as Recall and Restore are crucial for wider understanding. If you notice strange mood patterns in yourself or a friend, you can find more info here.