Nikki Webster and Rebecca Black are touring Oz for a Bingo Loco rave

There’s a lot to take in here, but I can assure you this is a real event. Former triple j presenter Alex Dyson is going to be touring a Bingo Loco in Australia…

If that wasn’t cooked enough in itself, the bingo rave is going to be featuring Rebecca Black and Nikki Webster.

Rebecca Black - Bingo Rave

Alex Dyson is hosting an XXL Bingo Loco tour around Australia featuring resident cult icons, Rebecca Black and Nikki Webster.

You might be wondering what a Bingo Loco is at this point. It’s essentially your classic Bingo but in a rave environment. Then, replace numbers with strobes, lip-syncing, drinks… you get the idea. It’s already completely nuts but to make it 10x more loose, experienced raver Alex Dyson has added singers Rebecca Black and Nikki Webster to the tour.

You’d remember Rebecca Black from the truly viral music video Friday, now sitting at 141 million views on Youtube. Nikki is also quite the cult-star for her 2001 hit Strawberry KissesWith these 2000/10s queens joining forces for raves all around Australia, there really is no knowing where this shit is going.

It’s an over the top night out and a hit of nostalgia, but there is meaning behind the madness. The Bingo Loco XXL event has partnered with Make-A-Wish Australia. Proceeds from the event will go towards the foundation which creates wishes for children with severe illnesses. Below are the venues and dates, take note. Nights like these don’t come round often. Head here for tickets.

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XXL Bingo Loco Tour Poster