Left Syndicate craft something dark and completely immersive on Run Wild

In late 2018, when Sydney based outfit Left Syndicate released their debut full-length album Run Wild, they immediately established their penchant for crafting immersive indie-electro sonic gems. With the album’s release, they developed a sound that feels simultaneously authentic and explorative; it’s grounded in indie-rock hooks, but reaches far wider.

Now, as they gear up to release their video clip for Passions Drinking, we look back at the album from which the track was taken. If you haven’t already thrown yourself into this album, now is as good a time as any.

On their debut full-length album Run Wild, Sydney outfit Left Syndicate break the boundaries of genre to deliver something truly captivating.

On Run Wild, Left Syndicate (Dan Campbell and Daniel Reynolds) meld elements of alt-rock, psych, synth-pop, and electronica to deliver a sound uniquely their own. With pulsating rhythms and brooding vocal hooks, Run Wild is a completely boundless collection of tracks.

Across its eight-track run-time, the album pulls in myriad sonic directions—it never sits in one place for too long. Album opener Run Wild is a dark and captivating slice of music, driven home by the line “nothing lasts forever“. All through the track, sounds clash into one another, but the dissonance is pulled off with complete control.

Sail is equally dark, and driven more heavily by thunderous percussion and jarring synth stabs, while the album’s penultimate track Data Out travels more into the sonic territory of 80s new-wave. By the time I Care, Buy The Hour reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been roped in completely by Left Syndicate’s captivating brand of music.

Left Syndicate will be unveiling their new video for Passions Drinking on June 28th, so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to Run Wild above.