PREMIERE: Left Syndicate unveil their neon-coloured new video for Passions Drinking

Sydney collective Left Syndicate have unveiled a new video for their pulsating electro-track Passions Drinking.

The track comes from Run Wild, an energetic, layered and beautifully sullen debut album which delves into hard-driving art-psych and electro-rock.

Rhythmic synths and old-school vocals are perfectly intertwined on Left Syndicate’s Passions Drinking, and its new video is the perfect visual accompaniment.

Creatively driven by Dan Campbell and Daniel Reynolds, and featuring the talents of Jeff Doukakis & Tim Coggins, the group settled into Leichhardt’s Parliament Studios to cut their first LP in a collaborative process guided by producer Phan Sharif. It’s clear that immense creativity was flowing throughout the entire creative process of the album and its awesome to see these ideas conveyed through a visual medium.

Creative force Dan Campbell describes the origins of the album:We wanted to do something away from just high-energy guitar sounds, to try to create a dreamscape that inhabited and described its own world, a place inspired by dreams but also grown out of a response to our modern technological landscape. I think the atmosphere on the record is an uneasy sense of creative vulnerability and awareness of anonymity, but also discovering opportunity and freedom in the digital void.

The group’s sound, although depicting ideas surrounding modern tech, has a slick eighties vibe. This is visualised perfectly in the film clip with a combination of old-school strobes, neon lights and smoke machines, with the clip’s central figure, a modern and hipster-like character.

This was clearly the goal of Left Syndicate, with Campbell stating that they “were looking for really futuristic electronic sounds with the warm familiarity of that ’80s vibe… (they) wanted to modernise it and bring our new wave style that to make that more edgier, late night dance electro twist.

There is a real musical and even lyrical ambition to the entire Run Wild album, and this is showcased on Passions Drinking. This new clip really showcases the group’s desire to build itself up with spontaneous experimentation, creating a wholly unique and surprising effect.

Left Syndicate’s charismatic pulse and obsessive attention to sonic detail sustain throughout Passions Drinking in a new and exciting way, exploring the modern cyberspace with flickers of the past. Get ready to see this group grow fast in the electro scene. It’s clear that the track demands to be listened to and now it demands to be seen.

Watch the Passions Drinking film clip above.