Left Syndicate run us through each track of their debut album

It was late last year, with the release of their debut full-length album Run Wild, that we were first introduced to the dark, sprawling sounds of Sydney-based outfit Left Syndicate.

Later this month, the band will be unveiling their new video clip for one of the album’s standout tracks—Passions Drinking. But before then, we caught up with the band themselves for a track-by-track run-down of the album from which the single was taken.

Before they release their new music video for Passions Drinking later this month, Sydney outfit Left Syndicate give us a track-by-track run-down of their debut album.

We tried to create a concept mood album that uses a combo of indie freedom within an apocalyptic world of futuristic synth layers that flow into late night energy that evolved over two EP sessions at Parliament Studios in Sydney with producer Phan Sjarif.

Run Wild

Feverish energy opener with Run Wild. Tribal drums and layered, ambient, sparse feelings with synths… an optimistic lyric when nothing lasts forever but free to move around staying young at heart and pull you into our sound. We wanted the video to feel free, lost yet liberated.


We had this idea of creating sonic cathartic sounds like a stormy ocean with a midnight vibe and pirate-like chanty bridge with an electro dancey chorus about jumping into the unknown seas of attraction and relationships weathering the seas.

Glass Rockets

A shoegazing, post-punk type of energy chorus with synth sci-fi sounds that takes off in the chorus about the mystery of love being something in the stars but pursuing.

Passions Drinking

Getting into electro calypso fun, ranting then owning the moment. We wanted the song to make you feel like you’ve had a big night, smashed face-first into bed. We have tried to make a experimental video that captures that.


The first song we demoed venturing into a synth melody doing a baritone vocal giving a controlled feeling yet having a Cure-like sound of looseness. Lyrically being close then ghosting plus to show a band performance and story within the video.


Kraftwork sounding with intro, a floaty dreamy soundscape with drawn vocals, and a layered chorus with swirly synth sounds and sharp to pausing vocals. A song about blind faith and navigating through the fog.

Data Out

This has an strange eerie 80s groove with angular guitar. We tried to create a sonic type of ‘controlled cyber world pushing buttons’ wanting to bust out. Dark pop weird fun.

I Care Buy the Hour

2 songs in 1. About being everything to everyone, like a leader, city limits punching its way in the outro. Spooky harmonies with buzzy chorus to ambient synth tones. Light and shade to distortion then into an all out shoe gaze wall of noise.

Left Syndicate’s new video for Passions Drinking will be released June 28th.