Legendary music journalist Nardwuar sadly suffers a stroke

Beloved interviewer, music journalist, radio host and human serviette Nardwuar has reportedly suffered from a stroke while at a pub in Vancouver, Canada.

nardwuar tame impala

The announcement was made via Narwuar’s Twitter account this morning: “Saturday night @Nardwuar suffered a stroke @ Mint Party. He is recovering @ VGH More 2 come.”

It is reported that he suffered from the stroke while at the Astoria Pub in Vancouver and was immediately transported to the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). Further details are yet to be released. Narwuar suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1999 but recovered fully. It is unclear whether the two cases are connected.


Nardwuar the Human Serviette is renowned for his eccentric, in-your-face interview style and has been walked out on or verbally threatened multiple times by big name artists such as Slipknot, Kid Cudi, Sonic Youth and Henry Rollins of Black Flag.

We hope he gets better soon.