Watch Nardwuar interview Ian Mackaye over Skype

Ian Mackaye has been virtually interviewed by Nardwuar the Human Serviette over Skype. With the interview spanning just over an hour, the unorthodox Canadian journalist begins by discussing the origins of their relationship and how it has developed over the years through previous encounters and interviews.

Mackaye and Nardwuar chat about the history of DC’s hardcore punk music scene and the impact coronavirus has had on the DIY record label, Dischord Records.

Ian Mackaye pioneered the radical straight edge movement during the 80s, a sub-culture derived from the hardcore DC punk scene of the same time period. The term comes from the lyrics in a Minor Threat song that Mackaye wrote. Those who choose to be straight edge, refrain from alcohol and drug use for life, choosing instead to channel their energies into hard and fast music. The values have also been extended to abstinence from promiscuous sex and veganism, for some participants.

Mackaye is known for working against the music industry and promoting DIY record production by founding his own label, Dischord Records. He fronted Minor Threat and later founded Fugazi, with the band name taken from an anecdote from a Vietnam War novel (Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In A Body Bag).

Ian Mackaye has a new side project band, Coriky, who were meant to release their debut self-titled record on March 27. The band consists of Mackaye on guitars, his wife Amy Farina on drums, and fellow Fugazi member, Joe Lally on bass. Mackaye crunches the logistics of the record with Nardwuar and the considerations he made before making the tough decision of pulling the plug on the release date.

“The biggest concern for me is that people pre-ordered the record. Here at Dischord Records I have literally thousands of records ready to go. I hope that people have a sense of patience as we figure out what next to do. It’s a calamity. This is just a stupid record we’re talking about. Not the end of the world,” says Mackaye.

Well-known for confusing his subjects, Nardwuar quickly diverts the topic back to their pizza encounter in an interview from the past when Mackaye interrogates him about his lack of understanding to Coriky’s reference; ‘soap and water touches the spot’.

Check out Clean Kill, the lead single to Coriky’s self-titled debut:

Coriky’s album should hopefully come out soon on Ian Mackaye’s independent label, Dischord Records (May 29 for now). So hold onto those pre-sale orders.

Check out the Nardwuar vs. Ian Mackaye 2020 interview below: