Facebook to introduce new feature that allows artists to charge for online events

In response to the growing demand for live streaming, in an increasingly online world due to the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook plans to allow artists to charge for virtual concerts in the coming weeks.

The social media giant is stepping up its game by upgrading their ‘Events’ and ‘Live’ features. The overhaul will see changes such as ‘Live With’ which will allow you to add anyone to your chat, you’ll be allowed to livestream games from your phone straight to Facebook and the ability for pages to charge for web-events, although the specific costs are yet to be disclosed.

A new Facebook feature is set to be introduced in the coming weeks that allows musicians to charge fans for access to livestreamed concerts.

Facebook commented in their Newsroom page: “To support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook – anything from online performances to classes to professional conferences”.

This is a major blow for music-lovers around the globe who will have to fork out some hard earned cash to access their favourite artists online events where they previously have been enjoying livestreamed gigs for free. Although, as the arts and entertainment industry has been hit hard throughout this crisis hopefully loyal fans will be willing to pay the price to support their favourite musicians.

Fear not, the proposed Facebook fee is not about to plunge you into a virtual-abyss. There’s still countless hours of music to be streamed,  and skills to be mastered from the comfort of your own locked-down homes for free.

Why not unleash your inner naturist and learn from David Attenborough’s online geography web-series? Transport your mind to Mexico and take a virtual tour of Frida Kahlo’s house. Or unleash your inner sportsman and take an online tennis lesson from the very best, Roger Federer. Whatever your into – the balls in your court!

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