Mark Garai burns with old-world charm on his complex new single ‘Incendiary’

Mark Garai is an artist based in Sydney who feeds his music with deeply considered notions of philosophy, aesthetic, and tone. In particular, Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity plays part in Garai’s new single Incendiary.

The song is dark and cool, shrouded lyrics relaying the complex nature of the ideas that lie within.

mark garai incendiary the A&R Department

Fall into the dark majesty of Incendiary from Mark Garai, a deeply evocative track steeped in mystery, philosophy, and glamour.

Garai’s vocal bears a drawl similar to post-AM Alex Turner; a poetic, old-world flavour that works especially well alongside a murkier composition such as Incendiary. It’s a voice that invites you to listen on a deeper level, to understand the worlds within words.

The songwriter’s other musical touchpoints – including but not limited to The Beach Boys and Lana Del Rey – showcase a love for some Laurel Canyon magic circa the late ’60s and early ’70s. All the signs are there; the organ trills, the eloquence of the melody, and the openness of the songwriting.

Incendiary was recorded in Garai’s Sydney home following a period of severe illness which afforded him time to more profoundly consider his art. The result speaks for itself; a song that you’ll just fall head-first into.

“The song explores a set of ideas surrounding fate, synchronicity and tragedy,” shared Garai.

“The chorus line “Don’t you know? The deeper the dark, the brighter the light” reflects on the nature of each action having an equal and opposite reaction, each involuntary encounter with chaos that appears potentially being an unbearably painful moment and simultaneously an opportunity for learning and growth.”


Incendiary is out now.