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Revoid strike with passion on their brand new EP ‘Reform & Regret’

Revoid are a Brisbane-based metalcore outfit fresh out of their second EP, the brutal and emotionally charged Reform & Regret. Charged with familiar genre elements but also bubbling with a few surprises, it’s a resoundingly powerful listen that’ll have you hooked from start to finish.

The lyrics tackle themes of change, mental health, and inner turmoil with transparency and care; it’s a highway built straight into the heart of the band’s missive.

revoid reform & regret

Take a deep breath and plunge into Reform & Regret, the scintillating and psychologically-charged new EP from Brisbane outfit Revoid.

“When assessing the flow of Reform & Regret, I wanted to capture both classic and modern moments alike, giving crowds something both energetic and nostalgic they could resonate with, but with a progressive and personal twist to it.”

That’s frontman Dale Dudeson describing the EP and pointedly, its bold willingness to re-invent the wheel. Between more classic metalcore or thrash choruses you’ll find synth interjections and slower, more ambient compositions, lending Reform & Regret light and shade in line with its themes of self-turmoil.

Reform & Regret was written with the live show in mind, and it comes through effortlessly. Even the softer numbers build into soaring guitar climaxes, and every track is littered with moments purpose-built for headbanging, singing along, or otherwise throwing yourself into the thick of it. Dudeson explains:

“We wanted to make something entertaining for everyone in a live environment. I’ve been to shows where the band had made a beautiful studio album, but it just didn’t translate live.”

An altogether hypnotic release, the robust delivery and emotional vulnerability within Reform & Regret will stay with you long after you’ve put it down.


Reform & Regret is out now.