David Attenborough is giving free geography lessons to kids in lockdown

Many parents haven’t opened a geography textbook in decades. So when COVID-19 forced schools to close, a lot of them weren’t prepared for home-schooling.

Just in time, up gallops a dazzling vision of Sir David Attenborough atop a noble steed of tuition. The acclaimed broadcaster is offering lessons on charting the world, exploring its oceans, and understanding animal behaviour in a free new web series.

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With schools closed and many parents forced to home-school their children, Sir David Attenborough is offering his wealth of geography knowledge in a new web series.

The lessons are part of BBC’s Bitesize program, which launched on Monday. In partnership with teachers and educational experts, the new series will also feature Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker, singer Liam Payne, and Sergio Agüero of Manchester City.

“We said the BBC would be there for people through this crisis, and we meant it,” said Alice Webb, director of BBC Children’s & Education. “It’s vital that every child is able to continue learning — and the lessons we’re putting on will make sure they have fun at the same time.”

As a child, Attenborough learned a great deal by collecting fossils, natural specimens and stones. At 11, he offered a large supply of newts to the University of Leicester’s zoology department, who needed them for a study.

A young entrepreneur, he sold them for three dimes each and didn’t reveal his source. As it turned out, the newts came from a pond less than five metres from the department.

Ever an explorer, the 93-year old gem will be here for all your home-schooling or home-adulting needs. The lessons will be available on BBC “Bitesize Daily”, on the BBC iPlayer streaming service and BBC Red Button.

In the meantime, there’s his career-spanning documentary to watch.

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