Travis Scott to premiere new song inside Fortnite

The world’s latest online concert will see rapper Travis Scott perform from within the virtual realms of Fortnite.

The concert, aptly named Astronomical, will be headlined by Travis Scott and you’ll also see the likes of Marshmello and Ninja gracing your screens.

Travis Scott will be performing from within the virtual world of Fortnite where he will gift gamers with a debut performance of his new song.

Kicking off on Thursday, the American rapper will be performing virtually over several days giving fans the opportunity to tune in regardless of their lockdown location. Rumour has it Scott will be debuting his new track during these online concerts, gifting gamers an exclusive screen-to-screen premiere of his new number while they play their favourite game. Check out the dates and times of the musical journey below so you don’s miss out on this exclusive preview:

  • 9 am, Friday 24th April
  • 12 pm, Saturday 25th April
  • 3 pm, Saturday 25th April
  • 1 am, Sunday 26th April
  • 8 am, Sunday 26th April

Epic, Fortnite’s creators, has described the one-of-a-kind event as an other-worldly experience inspired by Cactus Jack’s creations, built from the ground up in Fortnite.”

Lockdown legislations heard gamers rejoice worldwide as they’re now given an excuse to be glued to a screen for days at a time. Their online lifestyle, once scorned for being antisocial, is now a social requirement in a corona-filled landscape.

The online concert brings yet another victory for serial gamers. This is any game-addicts and rap-lovers dream as the two, seemingly separate, worlds of rap concerts and Fortnite merge harmoniously into one for just a few days.

Given the reality of a locked-down world, the online world is the source of all-out pleasure and entertainment –  which runs in stark contrary to the advice of our parents to “get off your phones and step outside!”.

Luckily, the World Health Organisation has actually endorsed gaming in isolation encouraging gamers to #PlayApartTogether – so who can argue with that!

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