100 hours of Netflix documentaries now free to watch on YouTube

Netflix have added over 100 hours of nature documentaries to YouTube to stream for free now with the aim of providing educational resources to school children in lockdown.

If Netflix’s Tiger King was a little – ahem – low brow for your liking but gave you an appetite to know more about the world around you then look no further. The 34 Netflix documentaries favour an informative approach over a sensationalist plotline and make for a nice escape from constant coronavirus news.

Netflix have released more than 100 hours of educational content to stream for free now by uploading 34 original documentaries on YouTube.

Netflix have joined the wave of celebs and platforms sharing media for free online during lockdown. Netflix commented:

“For many years, Netflix has allowed teachers to screen documentaries in their classrooms: … However, this isn’t possible with schools closed. So at their request, we have made a selection of our documentary features and series available on our YouTube channel.”

The educational documentaries have been collated into an online playlist here. There are 34 Netflix original documentaries available right now with a plethora of knowledge to be learned. The episodes cover a range of topics; from an exclusive music-focused episode that answers “When does sound become music? And why are humans so uniquely able to master musicality” to a five-part series on babies.

Oh, and the best part? The full eight-episode series of Our Planet is included, narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough.

David Attenborough, the 93-year-old naturist and household name is more so a hero to youngsters than his own generation as he rally’s up future environmentalists by illuminating the human impact and damage to Our Planet.

Recognisable for his wealth of wisdom on mother-earth and dulcet tones that can palpably soothe almost anyone’s corona-induced anxieties, we think it will be more than just the school kiddos tuning in for a virtual science lesson that will appreciate this. Check out the trailer below to see what’s in store.

If you’re lucky enough to still be in employment and can afford a Netflix subscription, you could also check it out using the Google Chrome extension ‘Netflix Party’ and stream the platform’s original documentaries with your friends and family simultaneously.

Let’s face it, isolation isn’t exactly doing wonders for our intellect (I can practically feel my brain cells depleting with every TikTok video watched and glass of wine consumed). So why not check out the documentaries to keep our minds ticking over and learn more about the world around us. It’s not as if we have more pressing matters to attend to – and who doesn’t love a good nature doco.