Fatboy Slim’s 10-year-old daughter lays down DJ set as Fat Girl Slim

Fatboy Slim’s daughter, Nelly Cook, played her debut DJ set with all the confidence and smiles that her father pioneered. May I introduce you to Fat Girl Slim!

With a little help from her father, the ten-year-old played a killer fifty-minute performance from the vicinity of their whacky Brighton rumpus room. She managed to get a slot in Dorset’s Camp Bestival for the Stay At Home Easter Sleepover; a family-orientated charity event to combat the childhood angst of staying inside. Spanning across Easter Saturday and Sunday, the virtual festival was streamed across Facebook and Instagram for twelve hours of interactivity each day.

Fat Girl Slim entertains us by rocking a smiley face for her first DJ set as part of Camp Bestival’s Stay at Home Easter Sleepover

Fat Girl Slim played her heart out on the decks, with all the charisma and joy needed in live entertainment. In the live stream, we see that the room is decorated in smiley memorabilia, the worldwide icon that Fatboy Slim reinstated in pop culture. Nelly wears a smiley face tee and is even seen boogying out in a pink panther onesie at times. There are posters and artworks, colourful sailing hats that say “Are we having fun yet?”, skateboards and a smiley grim reaper Banksy print on the wall.

Fatboy Slim says the smiley face is a “symbol of, what is for me, happiness, goofiness, stupidity and unconditional life.”

The show was elevated by Fat Girl Slim miming samples such as excerpts from Greta Thunberg’s climate action speech and featured several Fatboy Slim appearances, donning various masks. Characterised by interfaces balancing on Heinz canned tins and half-finished puzzles, the live stream really brought out the fun in being creative and spontaneous as a family during isolation.

“Being in lockdown and quarantine is very, very boring,” says Nelly Cook AKA Fat Girl Slim.

Camp Bestival aimed to liven up the house over Easter, with lots of activities for children including interactive creative workshops, a storytelling session, yoga and meditation tutorials, circus skills and a quirky ‘Silly Science Goes Experimental‘ slot.

“We both know what it’s like to be cooped up with our darling children for weeks with no break, so we hope we can take your mind off the news and dive into a world of fun, music and family vibes,” Camp Bestival organisers, Josie and Rob da Bank said.

Virtual listeners and participators were encouraged to follow online links and donate to not-for-profit organisations such as The Ellen Cancer Trust  and The Trussell Trust.

Check out Fat Girl Slim’s setlist below:

Fat Girl Slim seems to be following in the eccentric and creative footsteps of her father. For a ten-year-old, she has a huge amount of charisma and the joy needed in a live entertainer. Her debut performance was a huge success and we hope to see a Fatboy Slim ft. Fat Girl Slim collaboration in the future. Maybe they’re working on an album together to pass the time of cooped up boredom. The creative space of the smiley household really does look like a lively haven for endless fun and family activities.

Check out Fat Girl Slim’s debut DJ set here.