Why try harder? Fatboy Slim announces 20th anniversary reissue for You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Fatboy Slim has announced a deluxe reissue of his bangin’ 1998 album You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby.

Home to timeless hits like The Rockafeller, Praise You, Gangster Trippin and Right Here, Right Now, not to mention one of the greatest album covers in fucking history, this one’s a winner.

fatboy slim you've come a long way, baby reissue pizza box

To celebrate 20 years on the shelves, Fatboy Slim’s colossal You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby will be reissued on deluxe vinyl, packaged in a pizza box.

The reissue will be available firstly as a deluxe double LP featuring the original artwork, and additionally in a stencilled pizza box packaging. The pizza set includes vinyl and CD copies of the album, as well as Fatboy’s iconic tee, restyled with the phrase ‘I’m #20 so why try harder’.

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby  was an instant classic upon release, garnering both commercial success and parental notoriety all at once. On the song Fucking In Heaven, the word ‘fuck is uttered 108 times and in Gangster Trippin, ‘shit’ is said 57 times. This did not please Slim’s local London audience one bit.

Check below for a preview of the ‘Meal Deal’ box set, a promo clip and a stream of You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby. Grab your copy here.

you've come a long way, baby pizza box reissue fatboy slim

Via The Vinyl Factory.