PREMIERE: Straight outta Central Coast, SOY’s latest EP Complications is simply incredible

Recorded at The Grove Studios on the Central Coast, the latest record from indie rock band SOY truly is a ripper. The six track EP features a huge tapestry of classic rock influences, mixed with a fuzzed out haze reflective of more contemporary sounds.

If you’re a fan of King Gizzard but also love yourself a touch of Led Zeppelin, this is the band for you.


SOY have managed to concoct a soup of the best classic rock sounds within a contemporary landscape of production and lyricism.

Titled Complications, the record features a bunch of attitude-soaked and bolshy grunge references with a sharply discernible Aussie drawl which really makes their sound pop. It’s unique and fun, but with attention to musicality and some cracker solos which you can’t help but melt for.

Intertwined with the fast paced, shredded guitar and those unforgettable drums, SOY have managed to touch on fragments of psych, hard rock, light blues undertones and a fresh indie pop perspective in their vocals that really sets Complications apart.

No track is quite the same and the whole EP runs like a narrative of discovery as the band moves deeper and deeper into their sonic vision. Complications is wild and captivating, cherry picking the best sounds the band could muster and running with them.

If you are keen to catch these guys live then March is the month for it. Having just wrapped up a set at Mountain Sounds Festival, SOY are set to support Sydney punk rockers RACKETT at their next Sydney show on the 2nd.

If you’re not around for that one, head over to Long Jetty on March 17th for their very own backyard bash.

SOY are really putting themselves on as many stages as they can. With a record like this, it’s likely those stages will only be getting bigger.