How do you have a movie night in a pandemic? The answer is Netflix Party

In a world so consumed by coronavirus, it seems the only news is negative. From the lack of toilet paper in shops, to the closure of coffee shops in Amsterdam, the future is looking pretty apocalyptic, with self-isolation becoming a much closer reality for many.

However, a Google Chrome extension that allows loved ones to synchronise video playback and remotely watch the same show or film on Netflix has come into the public eye, and it is just what we need right now – check it out here.

netflix party, coronavirus, movie night

Netflix responds to coronavirus by introducing a group feature, allowing loved ones to watch Netflix “together” whilst remaining in isolation.

As there’s now a ban on public gatherings of 100 people as a method of combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus and government advice to slow down the virus’ spread by upholding “social distancing”, a trip to the cinema isn’t really on anyone’s agenda.

The communal extension, named Netflix Party, has been a feature for a few years but failed to gain much traction as most people are either Netflix-and-chilling together or out having fun. However, in light of the corona crisis with more being forced or opting to self-isolate, the feature has gained attention as it provides a sense of companionship in an otherwise lonely time.

The feature includes a group chat where you can share comments real-time on the latest film or episode throughout. That means that all those with the attention span of a goldfish who can’t go five minutes without asking questions, still can – don’t worry for the rest of you, I’m sure there’s a mute button.

Although it doesn’t quite have the same ambiance as going to the movies for a date night or with a mate, the Google Chrome extension allows some sense of togetherness and fun as Netflix can be streamed simultaneously amongst “party members” from any location in.

So, despite the global undercurrent of existential angst and the sense that the world around us is turning into a disturbing episode of Black Mirror, be rest assured that your friends and family are just a screen away.