LEGO have just released three and a half hours of brick-themed ASMR

Oh good: The LEGO Group decided to make a jarring “white noise” playlist made up entirely of the sounds of LEGO bricks.

In a somewhat bizarre bid to cash in on the ‘music’ industry, LEGO has released seven 30-minute tracks on their “White Noise” playlist, and each showcases a different sound made by the toys.

“Each LEGO element makes a unique noise, which is why designers experimented with over 10,000 in their quest for the perfect soothing sounds,” the company’s press release explains.

LEGO Bricks
Photo: Alamy via The Guardian

While LEGO is renowned for its versatility as a toy designed to develop young imaginations or a tool to destroy the soft, sensitive soles of adult feet, the 210 minutes (3.5 hours) of uninterrupted “White Noise” is definitely a new take on the popular plastic blocks.

White noise designers experimented with over 10,000 blocks in their quest for the perfect soothing sounds, resulting in a jarring soundscape that includes tracks such as ‘It All Clicks’ described as perfectly capturing “the joyous sound of two LEGO elements joining together,” and sounds like someone eating wet bones.

Now, you may be wondering, “why though?” At least this writer definitely was.

It turns out the mix is part of a new campaign aimed at adults after LEGO research found “that almost three quarters (73%) of adults are on the hunt for new ways to destress.” Ok, LEGO. Whatever you say.

This campaign’s other products include a Flower Bouquet and a Bonsai Tree – and it’s nice LEGO is trying. If stress is actually getting you down, you may be better off just drinking green tea and popping two Xanax.