‘Len’s Island’: the Australian-made indie game with shades of ‘Animal Crossing’ and ‘Minecraft’

“Build, Fight, Farm, and Explore” in Len’s Island, an isometric survival game, dungeon crawler, and slice of life sim from Brisbane’s Flow Studio.

Based in Brisbane, Flow Studio is a small indie team aiming to release a unique take on the exceptionally popular simulation genre with their own addition, Len’s Island.

As a bit of a mix, Len’s Island promises to have a little something for everyone. Comparative to Animal Crossing and Minecraft, building your home and farm are a key part of gameplay. Couple that peacefulness with boss battles, dungeon crawls, and survival elements, and the game looks pretty promising.

Image: Len's Island / Flow Studio
Image: Len’s Island / Flow Studio

Equipped with only a backpack, the game starts you off in a town on a mostly uninhabited island. Your goal is to simply carve out your own little place in this open world in whatever way suits you best.

Through fishing or chopping down trees, you’ll improve your house and farm with automated windmills, water towers, and more. Or maybe, if you like a little action like me, you’d rather delve into the dungeons near town and battle it out against baddies.

Whatever your preference, Len’s Island seems to have it all. Better still, the graphics not only look great, but the modular building design is sure to please those Sims and Minecraft fans out there too. To top it all off, the combat itself has some nice dodging mechanics and exploration can involve environmental puzzles.

After starting out on Kickstarter, Flow Studio founder Julian Ball eventually expanded from a one-person operation to a small indie team. On the company’s Youtube channel is a whole host of videos showcasing the progress they’ve made since the beginning and explaining where they want it to eventually go.

But with the game’s release less than a couple months away, we’re incredibly close to seeing that vision realised for ourselves. For those lucky enough to have partaken in the game’s demo earlier this year during Steam’s digital festival, I can’t tell you how jealous I am.

Len’s Island will release on November 6th for PC and Mac via Steam. Find out more here.