Fender taps TikTok stars to launch Player Plus series
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Fender taps TikTok stars to launch Player Plus series

Catering to a “new kind of player”, guitar giant Fender has launched its new Player Plus series of Strats, Teles, P-basses and J-basses.

With the humble goal of uniting “the next generation of players shaping the future of guitar”, Fender has dropped the much anticipated Player Plus series. Aimed at giving an emerging array of artists access to the classic models from the Fender lineage, there are myriad configurations and finishes to choose from.

Despite its seven-decade legacy of electric guitars, Fender is also pushing toward the future. As such, the company enlisted star TikTok players like Blu DeTiger, Hannah Dasher, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, The Destroy Boys and the Nova Twins to help celebrate the launch.

Fender Player Plus series 2

Fender CMO Evan Jones explains the embrace of the new social platform and the place of Fender within that ecosystem, “…the Player Plus series is built for artists who want to transmit a bold aesthetic and are unapologetic in their approach to their craft.”

So with modern touches like noiseless pickups (and new pickup configurations), comprehensive EQ, and active circuitry across the basses in the series, it is a bold step outside Fender’s traditional M.O. But as Jones mentions, aesthetic is key: the Player Plus series showcases a range of unique finishes that are sure to stand out from the crowd.

For more details, visit the Fender website. And speaking TikTok, Fender now has its own account: @fender. Be sure to follow it for exclusive videos, product demos, and educational content.