Light your night with this otherworldly photo series from French photographer Nicolas Rivals

In his installation project named La Línea Roja, a Parisian photographer named Nicolas Rivals has been bathing the Spanish countryside in red.

Combining modernistic, angular neon lights with the spectacular Spanish hills at night time, Rivals has created a stunning juxtaposition between the natural world and something so obviously fabricated.

Nicolas Rivals

Intersperse the natural and the starkly unnatural with La Línea Roja, a breathtaking photography series from Nicolas Rivals.

Rivals constructed the neon apparatuses himself, and nailed these shots with a long exposure technique. The value of this series is definitely in the concept, however you shouldn’t forget how difficult shooting a harsh light at night time can be.

Feast your eyes upon the remainder of the series below:

la-linea-roja-03la-linea-roja-11La Linea RojaLa Linea RojaLa Linea Rojala-linea-roja-06La Linea Roja

Via Colossal.