Lighthouse Mouse shares their EP inspiration playlist

Lighthouse Mouse delves into the inspiration behind their latest four-track EP, Traces of Sugar, and its journey into psychedelic dimensions.

The indie-rock band from Brissy, Lighthouse Mouse, recently dropped their EP Traces of Sugar, coaxed in addictive delicious melodic textures and glimmering psychedelic guitar riffs, infused with fuzzy synths, bouncy bass lines, and potent lyrical intention.

Lighthouse Mouse shares their inspiration and influences for Traces of Sugar through a playlist full of songs and opens up about the tracks that guided them through their writing and recording process. Introducing the members, we have Bess on bass and backup vocals, Connor on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Teddy banging on the drums, and for the lead guitar, Bess and an old bandmate Jack Robertson.

Credit: Press

To start, we have bass player Bess, sharing her top four songs that lit a fire in her soul and moved her to bring that energy into her bass lines.

Check the Weather – Pavo Pavo

When we were in the studio recording bass, we had this track downloaded and put into our track for reference because of just how good the bass tone is. I actually reached out to Weathervane Music in Philadelphia – which is the studio that recorded it – and they kindly gave me all their tips and insight as to how they got this tone! I just love how punchy it is and how much it stands out on the track. It is what inspired me to switch to flat-wound strings. 

Sugar Tastes Like Salt – The Orrielles 

Another song where the bass stands out (sensing a theme?) I love the subtle effects and knew I was looking for something similar in our track Salamander in the Sun.

Nina – Crumb

Teddy (drummer) and I are huge fans of the band Crumb, and this song we frequently break out in practice. It’s so fun to play because of how tight the drums and bass are, and we tried to bring that to this EP. 

Captain – Nice Biscuit

This was one of the first songs I learned on bass! It’s from my favourite local band Nice Biscuit, and it taught me then how fun it was to have a melodic bass line that had its own moments to shine but that allowed time to back off and build the groove. I tried to do something similar for our song Oyster Lights and I ended up writing a line that I still struggle to play but have so much fun with anyway. 

Next, we have lead singer and rhythm guitarist Connor whose fav four all happen to be Aussie and Kiwi artists, which we love!

Join the Club – Hockey Dad

Teddy and I were listening to a lot of Hockey Dad when we wrote this EP and I think it shows in the fun upbeat nature of our songwriting.

Spring Has Sprung – Skeggs

When I was living with Sammy (the guy who Salamander in the Sun is about) he used to play Skeggs all the time, so it spilled into the vibe of the song we made him.

For Better or Worse – Muroki

The jazzier elements of our music are very much inspired by the likes of Muroki, who incorporates such a unique chill vibe to the classic indie rock genre. 

Lady – Mako Road 

This laid-back form of indie rock really inspired some of the slower songs on the EP and the rest of our music to come. 

Lastly, we have Teddy’s inspiration coming from the pounding sounds of drums from four great tracks.

Cool Mind Blue – Great Gable

I included this song because for me it was kind of a gateway drug into a more laidback, dreamy side of the Australian music scene. For me, the auxiliary percussion in this song was a big inspiration for what we did with some of our songs, especially in Salamander in the Sun.

A Night Out With – Hockey Dad 

I love how this song just pulsates energy, especially with the way that the drums interact with the rhythm guitar which has been a particular inspiration to the way Connor and myself try to write.

Different Eyes – Cloud Bay

Everything about this song is perfect to me, composition-wise it takes listeners on a journey and perfectly conveys the emotional message it is centered around. The way the song steps through phases subtly pushes the listener to move with the song fluidly rather than sticking to a regimented song structure. Smalla is a song that drew particular inspiration from this writing structure – looking at evolving the song organically through trying new things live rather than pushing for the song to have overly defined sections.

Phil – Joe’s Van 

I love how punchy this song is with the bass and drums combining in similar patterns.

What an incredible collection of artists and songs that just spill over into the sounds from Lighthouse Mouse’s EP. For the full playlist, check it out here and let the calming, energetic and psychedelic sounds wash over you.

If you haven’t checked out Lighthouse Mouse’s EP, check it out below and revel in the trippy and melodic sounds these guys have created!