Get yourself to Herd Immunity’s show in Sydney in June

Fresh off the release of their debut self-titled album, Herd Immunity are set to perform in the inner west in June. 

Few bands have captured our attention quite like Herd Immunity. Hailing from Newcastle, the indie rock duo take inspiration from giants like Oasis and The Sunnyboys, but infuse their own sound with a distinct knack for catchy hooks and evocative lyrics.

They proved as much on their self-titled debut EP, which arrived last month and spawned the sunlit gem that is ‘Waste It All’

Herd Immunity live show Newtown

That track brims with punchy percussion and sneering vocals, but the surrounding cuts see Herd Immunity flex new sonic muscles.

‘Trust In Me’ is carried by screechy guitar melodies seemingly lifted from the garage of an aughties teen movie protagonist, while ‘(Shadow) In Your Stride’ heads to poppier territory with airy layered vocals. 

While the EP itself proved just how resplendent Herd Immunity can be, the duo are set to capitalise on its success with an upcoming show in Sydney in June.

It’s a hot-ticket item for anyone who’s already seen them live, since fans know this music is built for the stage. Herd Immunity will perform at The Townie in Newtown on June 8, in a set that’s sure to kickstart their breakout moment.  

This performance follows a string of dates already completed by the duo, who elsewhere hosted an EP launch at The Wickham Park Hotel, Adamstown Bowling Club, and The Blackbutt Hotel.

With all these already under their belt, Herd Immunity’s show at The Townie is sure to be their best yet. Find event details for Herd Immunity show here, and scroll down to listen to their debut self-titled album.