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Lil Nas X accidentally sampled Nirvana on his new single

Lil Nas X has released an edgy new track Panini, which credits Kurt Cobain.

The Nirvana song In Bloom, off their iconic Nevermind album, has been interpolated into Lil Nas X’s latest song.

“One of the craziest things about Panini is it introduced me to Nirvana’s album Nevermind. I always seen the cover but I never actually listened to it,” Lil Nas X said on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

What’s crazy is Lil Nas X actually didn’t realise he’d sampled Kurt Cobain’s melody in his new song that is surprisingly not about sandwiches.

“A lot of songs will even come to me [when] I’m sleeping or something,” Lil Nas X told Zane Lowe during a Beats 1 interview. “Like a melody. And I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s fly.'” 

“People was like, ‘Wow, he sampled Nirvana.’ I was like, no. It’s like, I didn’t realize I was using almost the exact same melody.” 

Lil Nas X rose to fame after his hit country-rap single ‘Old Town Road‘ that had also sampled Nine Inch Nails 2008 track ‘34 Ghosts IV’.

Lil Nas X is currently working on a project with Blink-182’s Travis Barker, which will also appear on his upcoming EP ‘7‘.

Listen to Panini on Spotify here or watch the clip below:


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June 21, 2019

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