What the heck? Lil Nas X just teased a collab with The Wiggles

Lil Nas X has hinted at a potential collaboration with none other than Australian children’s music royalty: The Wiggles.

The Amerian rapper took to social media to share a mash-up photo of himself and the group, along with the words: “Lil Nas X & The Wiggles: Rodeo Remix.” Check out the post below.

lil nas x, the wiggles

Old Town Road singer Lil Nas X has teased the possibility of a collaboration with Australian icons The Wiggles, and the rest shall be history.

Could it be?

Whilst such a collaboration would be absolutely heaven-sent, there are some potential holes to this mysterious post. For one, The image shared by Lil Nas X contains an image of the original foursome: Murray, Jeff, Greg, and Anthony.

For anyone who’s kept up to date with the Wiggles-verse, you would know that the group’s members now consist of Anthony, Lachie, Simon, and first-time Wiggle-woman, Emma.

However, Anthony did also share the image on his personal Instagram, so perhaps all hope is not yet lost.

Perhaps what we have in store for us is a mashup between Lil Nas X and original Wiggles material: think the likes of Fruit Salad or Hot Potato.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments as they come.

Until then, check out this trap remix of a classic.

In other Wiggles news, Greg recently had a heart-attack mid-show during a recent reunion bushfire concert.