Lil’ something to make you Happy: a soulful playlist by Ruby May

Just shy of a month ago, we heard Ruby May’s debut EP Kodachrome for the first time. Brimming with bold blends of jazz and soul, we’ll be the first to say it was brilliantly done.

After playing to an adoring crowd at the Kodachrome launch, we reached out to Ruby for a little insight as to where the release came from. In response, she crafted us a cheeky little playlist, packed with everything she was listening to while her debut EP came to fruition.

Need a Friday night pick me up? Settle in to the soulful vibes of Ruby May’s new playlist – a lil’ something to make you Happy.

According to Ruby May, the playlist is stacked with “songs that mean the world to me, especially during the two year process of writing Kodachrome”. Some served as inspiration, while others just helped her freshen up the ears.

Perth mates will also notice a few close friends in there, if you keep a keen eye out. Shoutouts to Jamilla, Your Girl Pho, Demon Days, Grace Barbe and Edie Green!

Listen in on the playlist below.

Kodachrome is out now.