PREMIERE: Minor Premiers pinpoint your happy place on blissful new tune Great Circle Line

Right around this time of year, you just have to find that warm, summery tune to keep you cozy. Great Circle Line from Minor Premiers is one of those songs.

Since forming just last year, they’ve been lighting up the Brissie indie scene with their mellow, laid-back brand of rock. Hitting a sweet spot between middle American charm and the coastal Aussie style we know and love, this four-piece are set up to drift their way right to the top.

minor premiers great circle line

Great Circle Line from Minor Premiers is a crystalline slice of indie rock upheld by coastal melodies and a nostalgic flavour you’ll float away to.

In true surf rock flavour, Great Circle Line is a warning sign against burning yourself out. Suitably, it’s one of the most relaxing new tunes I’ve come across in a fair while.

Something about it gives you the warm and fuzzies, as if you were already at that beach you’re dreaming of, or rugged up in front of a winter fire.

Speaking of the message behind the track, songwriter Luke shared:

“It’s basically putting out a challenge to the common human concept of growth and more growth – aiming for more and more, which is obviously a dangerous notion.”

“Everything else happens in cycles. It’s kind of suggesting we just roll with these cycles and hopefully do things a bit better each time round.”

Great Circle Line is the third single from Minor Premiers, following Oh My My and Memphis – both of which were launched to sold out crowds. Help them make a hat trick for the third launch, taking place Saturday June 23rd at The Milk Factory. Details here.

Until then, bliss out to Great Circle Line above.