PREMIERE: Surf rock in full force, The Delicates exceed all expectations on their self-titled EP

The Delicates have gifted the world a cool and collected, six track, self-titled EP.

Softly spoken yet with plenty of purpose, their debut effort engages in gnarly builds grand enough to push them leagues above the surf rock crowd.

With brawn, bravado and brash experimentation, The Delicates have shown they’re a cut above your average salt-soaked surfies on their self-titled EP.

Opening track Too Young has a sax section very reminiscent of the dearly loved Methyl Ethyl. Cruisey but soaked in attitude, it’s their genre nailed down to near perfection.

Subdued takes off in a similar vein, light and lilting but with strong guitar throughout. Shuffling percussion brings the track home, taking it into a state of afternoon glow.

Track three Reflecting the Sun takes a twangy, more rock ‘n’ roll turn, think Babe Rainbow with a sweeter sentiment. A glittery, trance-inducing palette cleanser, it bears The Delicates’ individual stamp perhaps more than any other on the record.

Control bursts in a with a bluesy bass line and a far off vocal calling out sweet nothings to its listener. Here The Delicates may seem more light handed, yet they still ooze the relaxing sentiment their record so clearly desires for itself.

Upbeat and retrospective, Shot in The Dark builds ever so slowly to a frantic cat and mouse synth, bass and guitar-fuelled chase.

The Delicates are spacey and romantic on their self-titled EP, yet bear enough grit so that their music doesn’t whisk you away on a cloud of bliss.


Catch The Delicates live in Brisbane tomorrow night, smashing out a show at The Foundry with Flowertruck. Get all the details here.