Lime Cordiale travel the Road To Paradise back home for a killer Sydney gig

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I’ve always found it hard to describe Lime Cordiale. The term ‘alternative rock’ has mutated into a beast that has no discernible face, so that doesn’t cut it. There are some psych tones in their music, and there are some blues ones in there too. The horns bring the funk while while their easy going execution screams surf rock vibes. They’ve put out some great records to date, but to truly get a sense of where these gents stand you need to see them live. And damn, they know how to bring it. Like the refreshing beverage they take their name from, Lime Cordiale are fun, bright, and will chock you full of sugar energy.

Lime Cordiale metro theatre

Lime Cordiale made their triumphant return to Sydney on the weekend with a brilliant live show at The Metro Theatre. Those Leimbach boys know how to bring the heat.

Following the release of their latest EP Road To Paradise, brothers Oliver and Louis Leimbach began a hefty national tour in support of the EP. We’d heard good things of their time on the road over the last month, so their Sydney show was met with much fevered anticipation. As it happened they managed to pull their biggest crowd for the tour. No pressure gents.

The Metro Theatre has always been a great place to catch a gig. You can hear everything well regardless if you’re neck deep in a sea of bodies up the front or chilling up in the tiered stands above. There’s a good vibe when you walk in, the open space invites a warmth that not many of Sydney’s other venues can offer. As for the band who occupied that space, they knew how to work it to their advantage. The brothers are two charming bastards, and it didn’t go to waste as they worked the crowd into a sweaty frenzy.

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They tore through Hanging Upside Down and Not That Easy with ironic ease. Meanwhile Feel AlrightBullshit Aside and Everything Else set the The Metro ablaze with energy. Every lyric spilled from the lips of the kids at the front. The Leimbach boys were both in good voice, and you could tell that they were pouring they had into their performance.

The thing that was most impressive about the show was how big the whole thing sounded. With a tenor sax, trombone, keys and synths in play, Lime Cordiale’s back catalogue was brought vibrantly to life. Major props to the sound guy who brought their A game that night. Every part sounded clear and cohesive as a whole. Same goes to the dude behind the lighting desk, his cues were on point. These aren’t the things one may take notice of straight away at a show, but they made a hell of a difference.

If Lime Cordiale have been travelling a road to paradise these last few weeks, then this night was Eden, and affirmed that they are one of Sydney’s best live acts. Though the tour proper has now wrapped up, you can still catch the brothers Leimbach and the band when they take the stage at Lost Paradise festival next week.

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