Everybody relax, Eventopia is refunding your Soundwave tickets

After the volatile shit storm that was Soundwave’s cancellation last week, ticketing company Eventopia have announced that they will be offering full refunds to anyone who had purchased tickets to Soundwave 2016.

Eventopia soundwave 2016

Festival boss AJ Maddah had earlier revealed that he was “over” the stress of organising the festival and that a 2017 event would not be going ahead. The situation soon snowballed out of control following Bring Me The Horizon, who were billed as a headliner for Soundwave 2016, revealing they had not been booked and were still negotiating terms. Not to mention that the proposed venues for the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane events were allegedly unconfirmed.

Following the news that the event had been cancelled, neither Maddah or Eventopia confirmed with fans that there would be ticket refunds. Maddah had taken to Twitter to reveal that the ticketing company were refusing to refund punters, while Eventopia maintained that they would refund tickets once Maddah transfered the proceeds from the ticket sales, a believed 8 to 10 million dollars.

Eventopia posted a message on their Facebook page yesterday to relieve punters of their anxiety and that they would receive full refunds if they submit their request before January 31 2016.

Meanwhile Eventopia has expressed their dissatisfaction of Maddah’s beahviour online following the deterioration of the festival, claiming in a statement “In AJ’s latest tirade he alleges Eventopia channelled box office funds in Soundwave 2016 to other events. This is totally and factually incorrect and a blatant attempt by Maddah to further muddy the waters“.

Maddah had previously accused Eventopia of lying to him in a barrage of tweets.

Come on guys, can’t we all just get along?

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