Methyl Ethel’s top 10 songs of 2015

You may have noticed during the year that we really froth for bands who call Australia’s west coast home. Perth and its surrounds have somewhat become something like the lost city of Tora; full of magic and promise. So it’s no wonder that local three-piece Methyl Ethel took out the top spot in the Happy 100 countdown earlier this month with their stellar single Twilight Driving.

It’s been a big year for the band. They signed to Dot Dash / Remote Control Records at the start of the year and released their debut album Oh Inhuman Spectacle a short while after. Twilight Driving quickly became a favourite among punters. If you haven’t listened to the album yet then it’s time to put these Christmas holidays to good use and do so. Seeing as how we’re so awe struck by their work, we asked the band what ten songs left them in a similar state.

Methyl Ethel top songs 2015

They were our number 1 in the Happy 100, so it’s time to find out who Perth legends Methyl Ethel rated the most from 2015.

Ratatat – Supreme

Benjamin Witt – Cracker Rat

Thundercat – Them Changes

Panda Bear – Mr Noah

Julia Holter – Betsy on the Roof

D’Angelo & the Vanguard –  1000 Deaths

Viet Cong – March of Progress

U.S Girls – Sororal Feelings

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty

Young Fathers – Rain or Shine