Let LIMINA soundtrack your journey to inner peace

The collective Happy Mag office body visibly relaxed when we gave LIMINA’s ‘Sanctum’ a spin

“Sanctum” marks the beginning of Tyler Durham’s venture into the music scene under the alias LIMINA, part of his debut album, “Coming Home,” set to release on April 23 via Sonic Ritual.

LIMINA knows how to create a transportive experience that lets you leave your worries behind. It’s like a retreat to a space where solace, acknowledgment, and rejuvenation seamlessly come together.

LIMINA sanctum new single

“Sanctum” isn’t just a composition; it’s a musical exploration of the intricate emotions within oneself — a place where doubt, love, joy, and anger coalesce effortlessly.

Recorded at London’s AIR studios, Ben Durham’s “Coming Home” is more than an album; it’s an immersive journey infused with the pulsating life of the London Tube.

With rhythmic train hums as the city’s heartbeat, Durham paints captivating portraits of fellow passengers, their diverse stories becoming brushstrokes on a larger canvas. The album features the London Philharmonic Orchestra, adding symphonic grandeur to amplify emotions.

This isn’t Durham’s first foray into storytelling through music. As a renowned film composer, Tyler has collaborated with Academy Award-nominated composer James Newton Howard on projects such as “News of the World,” “Jungle Cruise,” and “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.”

He has also contributed to Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life” and played a key role in the musical landscapes of popular Netflix series like “Outer Banks” and “Biohackers,” often teaming up with celebrated composer Pinar Toprak for projects like “The Lost City,” “Slumberland,” and an upcoming Netflix docuseries.

But LIMINA marks a shift. It’s his chance to express himself more personally, inviting you to connect with the intricate emotions within yourself.

Wrap your ears around “Sanctum” below and let the genius of LIMINA wash over you.