Lisa Maps’ new video for ‘Come Home (A Christmas Song)’ will evoke serious holiday season nostalgia

Earlier this month, when we first wrapped our ears around Lisa Maps’ new single Come Home (A Christmas Song), we were immediately transfixed by her rich and heartfelt brand of music. If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the aforementioned single, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. We’ve had it spinning on repeat for over a week now.

Now, Maps has unveiled a new lyric video for that same single, adding new layers to an already multi-faceted track.

Canberra-based artist Lisa Maps has released a new video for her track Come Home (A Christmas Song), perfectly capturing its sentimental magic.

Shot in black and white around an Australian home, the new video finds endless unique ways to display the song’s lyrics across the screen. They appear on Christmas crackers, in the form of rolled dough, and on wine bottle labels, to name a few.

The new clip adds in bounds to the homely feel of the song, creating the perfect visual accompaniment. Especially around this time of year, with Christmas approaching fast on the calander, watching this new song is bound to bring some nostalgic feelings up in your chest.

And that is the magical power of Lisa Maps’ songwriting. She’s writing straight from her own heart, and into yours.

Watch the new lyric video for Come Home (A Christmas Song) above.