LISTEN: Julia Jacklin and RVG cover Björk’s ‘Army of Me’

Australian music icons, Julia Jacklin and RVG, have released a cover of Björk’s 1995 hit Army of Me.

The collaboration was made to be included as a part of Melbourne’s RISING: SINGLES CLUB.

It’s a creative project which sees several Aussie artists recording covers of “lunar-themed tunes”, or as their website puts it: “A series of specially commissioned, celestial space jams, from some of our favourite musicians.”

Rising singles club

Jacklin’s and RVG’s cover is the sixth entry in the project. Impressively, the track was recorded in a single day.

Listen to Julia Jacklin and RVG’s cover of ‘Army Of Me’ below.

When asked about the cover, Jacklin had this to say:

“I just love Björk, and I love RVG. I was running on a treadmill which I don’t do very often, and I was listening to ‘Army of Me’ over and over again to make me feel stronger than I am,” Jacklin said.

“Then I thought why not try and cover this song with another artist that makes me feel stronger than I am and I did! Was a good musical punch in the face to wake me up from a year of living a very small quiet life.”

“RVG are one of my favourite bands in the whole world and it was just a real blessing to spend some time with them making music.”

The Melbourne-based RVG also had nothing but good things to say about Jacklin.

We adore Julia’s music and were thrilled when she asked us to do a precious Björk song with her. I think we all wanted to challenge ourselves to be as intuitive as possible.”

The cover has been receiving nothing but praise, with one outlet describing it as: “a powerful rework, combining the intensity and frenetic energy of the classic with Julia and RVG’s own distinctive sound”.

Apart from being a part of the RISING: SINGLES CLUB, the track is also a welcome addition to the discographies of Jacklin and RVG, whose performances at Melbourne’s RISING Festival were cancelled this week following Victoria’s lockdown.

Before Army of One, Jacklin released a Christmas song, and RVG released their album Feral.