LISTEN: Peach PRC – ‘Josh’

TikTok’s straight shooter Peach PRC delivers a jaunty, juicy breakup anthem. Like a verbatim text straight to the girl chat, Josh wields girly camp pop to perfection.

Peach PRC

“I’ve been wanting to put out this song forever,” Peach exclaims.

“It’s very special to me, because it captured a real moment. I was a bit down when I was writing one day. My ex, Josh, kept calling me over and over again. He called all of the time, because he was trying to get back with me. I thought I had blocked him though. Since he didn’t stop bothering me, I wrote the song about him. It’s a true story, but it’s still meant to be fun and colorful.”

Enjoy the frivolous fanfare of Josh, below: