LISTEN: The Butterknives – Cut Me Off

You wanna know the truth? I hate butterknives. They’re blunt and don’t cut things very well, so I think they’re a stupid utensil. People who only have butterknives in their houses are morons, and I’ll never understand what’s going through their heads.

But enough of my musings on kitchen utensils… I’m a music journalist goddamit. I’m here to talk about Sydney outfit The Butterknives, who luckily don’t share many similarities with the item after which they were named.

Sydney outfit The Butterknives are back with their manic, rambling new single Cut Me Off; taking aim at all dickheads on the road.

The four-piece belt out a sharp and chaotic brand of garage punk that’ll slap you right across your head.

We were first introduced to their music in April, with the release of their debut single Hypocrite, and now they’ve dropped their rambling follow-up single Cut Me Off.

The new single is a vitriolic attack of any driver who’s ever cut anybody else off. Cutting people off is a low-dog move, and The Butterknives are here to make sure you’re aware of this fact with manic guitars and flailing vocals.

With a punchy sub-three-minute run-time, Cut Me Off doesn’t pull any punches. It’s an all-out attack of wild garage noise from start to finish.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.